Alimony During and After Dissolution of Marriage

When couples divorce, total income may be drastically affected. In some situations, one spouse may not work at all or simply does not have the earning potential that the other spouse has. When that source of income is removed, it can have a significant effect on each spouse’s lifestyle moving forward. Alimony is a method by which the family law courts in Florida help deal with this potential change in income. The Read More

Florida Premises Liability: Is the Owner Liable to You for Your Accident?

In Florida, a property owner is assumed to be the party responsible for keeping the premises in a safe condition. Their duty of care to you, however, depends on the reason why you came onto the premises. For liability assessment purposes, visitors are divided into three categories. Invitees If you have been invited to enter the property, Florida premises liability law grants you the most protection. There are Read More

4 Key Reasons Why You and Your Future Spouse Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

Chances are that you have fire insurance on your home. It would be unwise not to, wouldn’t it? You’re not expecting the house to ever be damaged by fire, but the insurance is there “just in case.” If it does happen, your losses are minimized. Prenuptial agreements follow the same principle. Critics have decried them as evidence that future spouses don’t trust each other and accused them of being tools that enable Read More