How to Help Your Friend or Loved One Cope with a Divorce

No one likes to see their loved ones suffer. It can be especially painful when you’re not sure if there’s anything you can do to help. Watching a friend or loved one go through a divorce is one of those situations. In today’s post we’re sharing our insight about the best ways you can support someone you love as they navigate the divorce process. Whether or not you’ve been through a divorce yourself, we hope these tips will help you get a clearer idea of the kind of support your friend needs from you at this time.

  1. Be available, even if they aren’t asking you to.

As with those facing any difficulty, those in the midst of divorce tend to feel worried about burdening those they care about when they lean on them for support. You should make it clear to your friend that you are there for them and that you want to help. Remind them that it isn’t a burden because you love them and care about them, plus you know they would do the same for you. If your friend asks you to come over for a movie night, do your best to clear your schedule and make it happen. It will mean the world to them if you’re available when they need to vent or when they need a distraction.

It is also wise to reach out to your friend if an unusual amount of time passes without hearing from them. A check in text along the lines of “I was just thinking about you and wanted to send a message to find out how you’re doing today” can go a long way when your friend is feeling alone and isolated.

  1. Leave it up to them to initiate conversation about the divorce proceedings.

Don’t bring up the divorce every time you’re together. Sometimes, probably often, your friend will just want a break from everything they’ve been dealing with at home and in the courtroom. When they need to vent or ask for advice, rest assured that they will do so. Let them be the one to initiate those kinds of conversations.

  1. Make sure they are connected with the right professionals.

A good support system of family and friends is extremely valuable during a divorce, but it can’t replace the help of professionals, from therapists to attorneys.  It is wise to gently encourage your friend to see a therapist, if not always then at least during this process. A therapist can help them learn healthy coping mechanisms and other skills that can help them deal with their stress, frustration, anger, and sadness.  It is also really important to make sure your loved one understands the importance of working with an experienced lawyer through this process. Their lawyer will work to protect their rights and help them with matters like property division and any child custody issues that could arrive.

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