The decision to end a marriage is a difficult one, as divorces are emotionally and legally complicated affairs. If you wish to dissolve your marriage, it is best to consult a dedicated family attorney who understands how to handle these proceedings.

Hiring a Miramar divorce lawyer could help you better navigate the court system and understand your rights throughout the process. Let a legal professional ensure that your interests are protected and advocate for you throughout this challenging time.

Uncontested Divorces in Miramar

If parties can negotiate the terms of their divorce agreement, they can save time and money. However, there are many important decisions that separating partners will have to agree on to complete an uncontested divorce.

If the parties have children, they will need to make custody decisions. Former partners will also need to decide on issues related to property division. Even in amicable cases, it is best to work with a skilled local attorney before signing any divorce agreements.

Navigating a Contested Divorce

In many cases, the divorcing parties will not be able to agree on some or all of the important factors involved in ending their marriage. A contested divorce case means that a judge will have to make the decisions for the parties. A contested divorce will take longer to complete. In these cases, both parties will require legal representation. Working with a divorce lawyer who has experience with the Miramar court system may help ensure that this process goes smoothly and efficiently. 

Dividing Property in a Divorce

Courts divide property equitably in a divorce, but that does not necessarily mean that the breakdown will be 50/50. Before courts can even start to divide property, they will need to determine what property is individually versus jointly owned. For instance, if one party owned property before the marriage, or inherited assets from relatives, that property belongs to them alone.

Once the court establishes which property is marital, the court will divide it based on fairness. Fairness might mean that a party with less earning capacity will get a larger share of the property. The property division will also apply to debts, which the court will split equitably.

Dividing assets can be particularly challenging in cases where the assets include retirement benefits or pensions. There are many legal nuances when dividing property, so Miramar residents beginning the divorce process should work with a nearby attorney.

Timesharing Disputes in Miramar Divorce Cases

When divorcing parties have minor children, they will need to have a parenting plan. This plan will outline the timesharing schedule that the parents will have with their children. There are many factors that go into the amount of parenting time for each party.

Parenting plans will also need to determine the decision-making abilities of each parent on behalf of their children. This could include the ability to decide issues related to medical treatment, education, religious, and legal matters. Often, the parents will work together to reach agreements related to these important matters.

However, the court might deem one person the majority timesharing parent or ultimate decision-making parent who will have the final say in the event of a disagreement. Many factors will impact this determination, including but not limited to:

  • The parents’ abilities to meet their children’s needs
  • The parent’s moral fitness
  • The child’s adjustment to their home and school
  • Any evidence of domestic violence

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There are many choices to make before you can complete your divorce and start the next chapter of your life. Although the divorce process may be legally complicated, help is available from a knowledgeable attorney at our firm. Let a Miramar divorce lawyer walk you through every step of the process and inform you of your legal rights. Call today to learn more.