What Our Clients are Saying About Our Service

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible legal representation for Florida family law and personal injury cases. We don’t, however, expect you to just take our word for it. The following testimonials are from our past clients whom we have helped with their legal issue. Find out what it’s like to work with us!

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Divorce is hard enough, but they are very professional and caring!

Terri Herron

I would highly recommend McKinnon Legal if you need representation for a custody case. The entire team is knowledgeable and attentive. Having gone through this painful process, I couldn’t imagine being represented by another firm. The priority is the client and is clearly executed through their diligent work.

Sasha Patterson

McKinnon Legal has a top notch team that goes the extra mile for their clients. They are always available to give great guidance on your case and to answer all your questions in very responsive and professional manner. Most definitely will recommend to friends and family!

Eusser Darling

Ms. McKinnon was a good boss and very fair although I didn’t see it at the time. She’s a stellar Attorney and runs an A+ practice. I know this to be factual.

Tyrone Smith

A real bad azz bull dog in the court room and military friendly. I used Ms McKinnon a while back for custody and she came threw in the clutch like Kobe in his prime. I highly recommend

Thomas Devon

Hiring McKinnon legal was the best decision I made when it came to dealing with the law. Christina did a great job explaining the legal system, what to expect and how she was going to best represent me. Most importantly, she genuinely listens to you and cares. You can y’all that she is passionate about what she does when it comes to helping her clients.

Whitney Robertson

Mrs. Christina McKinnon is an outstanding attorney; very compassionate and knowledgeable. She has fought for me more than once and I am very grateful and pleased with the outcome. She’s definitely not all bark and no bite. Her staff is also very efficient and professional. I would highly recommend Christina and her firm to anyone seeking assistance for their family needs. Thank you, Christina and staff.

D. H

Red carpet, VIP service with this outstanding legal team. Highly recommend!

Randi Johnson

The Highest Form of Recommendation:
I would give ten stars to Ms. McKinnon and her legal team if I could. Her attention to details is second to none. Ms. McKinnon took the time to explain everything to me and gave me more information just in the consultation than any other lawyer i i talked to. I could not be happier with the results of my case. I highly recommend McKinnon-Legal to anyone. Great Job!

Heavy Estime

I have personally worked with Christina McKinnon and can say without a doubt she is an awesome attorney. If you want someone to go the extra mile and take on your case look no further. She is a dedicated and hard working attorney who not only knows the laws very well but how to win your case. I highly recommend her for all your legal problems.

Joshua Hertz

Phenomenal service!! Assertive attorney that delivers great results. I highly recommend.

Javious Lewis

One of the best attorneys I have ever hired! By far, she and her firm are assertive, timely and treated me like one of the family. My children are with me today because of her tenacity and commitment to ensuring my ex wife did not succeed in alienating my children from me. She spent countless hours with me to get me more than I expected. I now have my kids the majority of the time due to my ex’s behavior and this firm’s work on my behalf. I have since sent her many happy clients because of who she is!

John Holloway

I have had the pleasure of working Ms. McKinnon. She and her staff are always professional and work diligently to help resolve cases. Ms. McKinnon is very knowledgeable of the law and is an excellent trial attorney. Highly recommend her.

Kim King

Ms. McKinnon and her team are caring, knowlegable and client-focused. I would not hesitate to recommend her firm.

A. Sheralynn Dow

Attorney Christina A. McKinnon was very helpful during my divorce proceeding I had no idea what to do or what expect she was definitely on the best of myself and my kids. I thank her very much for all the help she gave me.

Fabienne Dupervil

In August 2014, I hired Ms. McKinnon firm to assist me with gaining timesharing of my son. Prior to hiring Ms. McKinnon firm I was heading into a two year struggle, without any resolution. I hired Ms. McKinnon in August 2014 and by October 2014 we had a hearing and I gained nearly 50% timesharing. Ms. McKinnon was completely knowledgeable and the professionalism of her staff was clearly a representation of how Ms. McKinnon operates in and outside the courtroom. I would recommend the services of Ms. McKinnon’s firm, especially if you are looking for a fair resolution.


I had a good experience very professional and knowledgeable

Jeff James

The best. Went to two other lawyers always a problem. Contacted Mckinnon Legal and was completely satisfied. Very professional and personal attention was given. Could not have done it without her. She cares. I would recommend her to everyone.

Jennifer Freckleton

I have nothing but great things to say about McKinnon Legal. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming (definitely a switch from so many law firms!) they truly care for their clients and do great legal work!

Natalie Giachos

Christina is an excellent advocate for her clients when they are going through one of the hardest times of their lives. I highly recommend her.

Ayesha Chidolue

Christina is the consummate legal professional. She is extremely knowledgable and advocates zealously for her clients. She is both well respected and well liked. You can’t get better legal representation in family law and personal injury in Broward County.

Michele Moss

Christina McKinnon is the founder and principal of McKinnon Legal. She has extensive subject matter experience in personal injury matters and family law. She is a gifted litigator who serves her clients well. She offers a true concierge legal practice to her clients. She is a tireless advocate and obtains exceptional results for her clients. Without hesitation I recommend and endorse Christina.

Charles R. Gallagher III

A family law firm that cares about family! Highly recommend.

Amy Refeca

Men, if you’re looking for an attorney that will really fight for you, then don’t waste your time and call Christine McKinnon today. The mother of my children wanted to take me to the cleaners and Christine made sure she ended up with nothing. Christine’s’ a fighter and will go out of her way to defend her clients. She helped me get justice and my freedom back from many years of torment dealing with the family court system. Don’t go to that next hearing alone. Don’t even think about trying to defend yourself. It’s the worst idea and the judges don’t care what you have to say. I witnessed other men as well as myself getting the raw end of the deal over and over again and then getting thrown in jail. Don’t be a victim anymore. Hiring her subsided the fear and I will be forever indebted to Ms. McKinnon for all she’s done. The final outcome was way beyond my expectations and was the best money I’ve ever spent. It truly is worth having Ms. McKinnon on your side. Guy’s, don’t think twice about it. Call her today and you’ll thank me later.

W. Bussinger

The McKinnon Team is phenomenal! Mrs. McKinnon is extremely professional, knowledgeable, assertive, tenacious and personable. I recommend her to all of my family and friends.

Tenisha Williams

My wife left the state and move across the country with my kids. Ms. McKinnon promptly filed an Emergency Pick Up motion, which was granted. She was on point every step of the way. Very intense at times, but you need that in someone fighting for you. Nice to talk to and down to earth. Seems to be well-liked by the judge and opposing counsel. I got more than what I expected!


Attorney Christina McKinnon is an outstanding attorney. My boyfriend had issues being able to see his daughter because the mother was always playing a lot of games. She was able to get him 50/50 shared custody plus more and it alleviated a lot of the stress and problems he was going through! She’s extremely tough and direct and doesn’t play any games. She’s straight to the point and doesn’t cut any corners! She fights to the end for her clients and doesn’t disappoint! Her assistants and office atmosphere is also amazing. They answer all your calls and respond to all your emails very quickly. I will send anybody I know to her in a heartbeat!


I hired this lawyer a few years back and am glad to see she is still around and doing well. She got me a hefty settlement in a slip and fall suit against a major supermarket chain. I broke my wrist and was in excruciating pain for months. Nothing is worth all that pain, but the nice big settlement check certainly helped out a lot! Looking back, the time put into the settlement was well spent. I am so glad for her continued success. She’s the best!


I came to Ms. McKinnon after a really bad experience with another attorney. She is very professional, diligent and fair with her pricing. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!!