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Miramar Family Lawyer

If you are struggling to resolve a family law matter, you may feel stressed and confused. These types of issues are often deeply personal and emotional, adding to the difficulties of dealing with the complex legal system.

Hiring a Miramar family lawyer to work on your case could help you better navigate this challenging point in your life. The family law attorneys at McKinnon Legal handle a variety of legal issues such as divorce, child custody, paternity actions, and modifications of former divorce or custody agreements. Do not hesitate to get the support and assistance that you need for any familial disputes.

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If you live in the state of Florida and would like to keep up with all the latest news, laws, and other information about family law or personal injury law, we are here for you.

    Divorce Cases in Miramar

    A divorce is a major decision, and every case will have unique aspects pertaining to the relationship. The amount of conflict in these cases varies depending on the parties’ ability to come to agreements on crucial issues such as property division and establishing a parenting plan. When the parties can negotiate the terms of their divorce, they can often save time and money by filing an uncontested divorce.

    Contested divorces will typically be more stressful but might be necessary in contentious cases. In certain scenarios, parties may benefit from the mediation process, which can help couples negotiate in a less hostile manner.

    Regardless of the circumstances, it is recommended that divorcing parties work with a local family law attorney to review any information and agreements. The agreements that former spouses make in their divorce cases will affect them for years to come, so it is crucial to get legal counsel before signing anything.

    Role of a Family Lawyer in Timesharing Decisions

    A dedicated family attorney could also help Miramar residents create parenting plans. This involves a parenting plan that details the children’s schedule and sets certain requirements for payment of activities, medical costs, and other matters.

    When it comes to timesharing, a dispute between parents can lead to lengthy legal battles. To avoid complications, divorcing parents should work with a well-practiced family lawyer at our Miramar office.

    Practice Areas

    Our firm’s culture of supporting our clients is very important to us and we work hard to nurture and develop it. We will go on a journey with you
    Marital & Family Law
    There is nothing more important than your family, which is why we have such a large focus on marital and family law. Our practice and influence are widespread, and we are among the most highly-regarded in the field. From divorce, to custody, and beyond, no matter what legal issue you or your family are facing, we will always be there for you.
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    Personal Injury
    Accidents create a tremendous amount of stress. The process of seeking medical treatment and missing time from work can be overwhelming. The last thing you need is the additional stress of hassling with insurance companies. Our job is to alleviate your stress and help you navigate the complex process of getting the financial compensation you deserve.
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    Proving or Denying Paternity in Miramar

    Sometimes, it is necessary to prove or disprove the paternity of a child. Paternity could potentially impact timesharing and child support. A man who believes he is the father of a child may wish to prove his paternity and protect his relationship with the child. A mother may want to prove that a man is the biological father to ensure that he contributes to the costs of raising the child. Regardless of the reason, those seeking to prove paternity should speak with a family lawyer in the area about their rights and obligations.

    Modifications for Families

    When parties enter a parenting plan, set spousal support payments, or establish child support amounts, the order will be based on their circumstances at that time. If the circumstances change, the agreements might need modification. For example, if a parent wants to move with their minor children, the previous parenting schedule may no longer work for the family. They will have to apply for a relocation.

    However, modifying any family law order requires formal legal steps. For instance, a parent who is paying child support cannot stop making payments after losing their job until they successfully petition the court to reduce their support obligations. No one should attempt to modify these agreements informally. Miramar families should speak to an experienced lawyer about modifying their legal order.

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    "A real bad azz bull dog in the court room and military friendly. I used Ms McKinnon a while back for custody and she came threw in the clutch like Kobe in his prime. I highly recommend"
    Sunny L.
    "Mrs. Mckinnon and her legal team provided me with an exceptional service. I've been to 3 different lawyers prior to Mrs. Mckinnon and the level of service that I received was unbelievable. She definetly took the time to personalize her service for all of my needs. I felt as if..."
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    "McKinnon Legal far exceeded my expectations. They were very responsive, compassionate and assuring which made me feel very confident in their ability to protect me with what little information they were given and within a short timeframe. I highly recommend this firm and deem them as the best in the..."
    "I came to Ms. McKinnon after a really bad experience with another attorney. She is very professional, diligent and fair with her pricing. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!!"
    "I hired this lawyer a few years back and am glad to see she is still around and doing well. She got me a hefty settlement in a slip and fall suit against a major supermarket chain. I broke my wrist and was in excruciating pain for months. Nothing is..."
    "My wife left the state and move across the country with my kids. Ms. McKinnon promptly filed an Emergency Pick Up motion, which was granted. She was on point every step of the way. Very intense at times, but you need that in someone fighting for you. Nice to talk..."

    Reach Out to a Miramar Family Law Attorney

    Family law covers many difficult and emotional topics. When dealing with such sensitive matters, it is important to work with a compassionate legal advisor who could help make the right decisions amidst an emotionally charged time.

    While family law disputes can be challenging, you do not have to face the legal system alone. Whether the issue is divorce, timesharing, paternity, or any other related matter, a qualified Miramar family lawyer could be a crucial advocate. Call today to discuss your case.

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